ah, what ends up on the cutting room floor!  please enjoy the outtakes, bloopers and blunders that inevitably occur in the process of creating our beloved hole family comic strip…


this was the first hole family created in the “new look” (above), evolved from my original concept… i didn’t start posting until after the election was over (thank God Obama won!) but I still wanted to post them, because they are part of the history of the hole family, and i believe in using every part of the buffalo… as long as you are going and killing a perfectly good buffalo and all…

anyways, the same goes for these next two strips, the second of which just recently ended up turning into a mac vs. pc joke instead… ah, serendipity…



this next one, well… it just was too darned creepy to put up on the main post… yet it is disturbingly erotic and amusing enough (not necessarily in that order) to post in this section, so here ya go!


this next thing has nothing to do with the hole family, other than being about holes, it’s a favorite of mine from a classic old sesame street!

(copy and paste the link – i promise you won’t get “rick-rolled”)

i found this one very difficult to do, actually… i pulled it off the best i could for my energy level that day.

i just found this one, beach hole, a flopper that didn’t make the cut… i don’t even know what i was going for… ha!


i found this image online of “The Whole Family Cookbook” and couldn’t resist…


which led to this:


i love MAD magazine… and had to pay tribute…



OK, i admit it, they look like balls… they’re his puffy cheeks perv!

(had to add this one to outtakes)


here’s versions 1 and 2 of “surf hole” that turned into “hawaii five-hole…”

i just liked the ‘inside the curl’ one better, so i posted that one…



putting a hole on a human body just doesn’t work… ha!  i gave it a shot with this,

Spicoli from Fast times at Ridgemont High, but unfortunately it defaults to the outtakes.


with great holes, come great responsibility!  thank you stan lee!



look, no hands!  here’s an outtake of a posted joke:


just goin’ straight to hell for this one…


during beatholes week, when i was doing the album cover theme, one design didn’t make the cut (shown below)

but i think it deserves an honorable mention (i tried.)



more to come!

  1. Iris says:

    oh my, i love it!!!!!

  2. Rev. says:

    hole author man, how’d you get that hole family member to sit on your body,and get a picture of yourself too.

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